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Time to Get Up and Get Going

This past week’s photo assignment was morning light. I’ve been working in Houston this past week and found my breakfast at the Corner Bakery on Yale Street. It seemed to be a favorite place for police officers as well. The first morning there were a dozen motorcycles and two police cars parked outside. The officers all sat on one side of the partition while us mere mortals sat on the other side.

The first morning I had a cinnamon roll–which had far too much icing on it and not nearly enough cinnamon. The second morning I had a cinnamon crumb topped muffin which was quite tasty.

The police officers were there for nearly an hour–most of them working diligently on their ipads–I suppose they were writing up their reports.


I also took some photos of the traffic on I-10 heading east. Traffic through Houston is always challenging; I-45 for the second day really challenging. Enter right and exit left in just a mile with six lanes of traffic–none of whom were in the speed limit–aargh—I hate working in Houston but it’s the only work I can find right now.  Hopefully it will be for only one more year and I can officially retire.

Weir Morning coffee and Donuts

here is the beginning of the traffic. I didn’t have the nerve to try to photo I-45 while driving although frequently the traffic came to a standstill.

traffic on I 10 on the way to work

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