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Wild Azaleas for SAQA

A SAQA conference in Philadelphia will convene sometime later this spring with an opportunity to showcase small pieces of artwork.

My work frequently begins with a photo of some sort and this time I chose a photo of wild azaleas in East Texas. I took this photo several years ago but it is in my photo storage bank on smugmug. img_7947-m

and if you wish to see more photos of the wild azaleas they are here in a gallery of their own.

and the little piece I made–6 by 8 inches to be displayed with a 4.5 by 6.5 window? I started with sewing down random strips of recycled shirt fabrics with two small squares of a red plaid, covered it with plain stitching in red and lime green, then added the flowers and stamens. Sometimes I used some hand stitching but in this case the piece was thick and hard going even for my trusty Pfaff 7570.


It will be winging its way to Virginia this afternoon.

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