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Sherry’s Stars and Vivien



Several years ago–I will not admit to how many it was, Sherry challenged a small group of friends to work on a different star each month=–she would provide the background fabric and the pattern.

Enthusiastically I set out to work on this project but soon got waylaid by other projects–and work–and family–and garden–and farm –and travel–and dogs—and a malfunctioning midarm sewing machine.

However, this past summer I invested in a Gammill Vision 22—and started working on all those tops I had completed. I still have quite a few left to go but the pile is diminishing.

So here is the finished quilt–I have it bound and labeled—on my couch at home. Two other completed pieces are on my bed–a lozenge and a Stones &Bricks plus a leftover triangles. Celtic Solstice is on the frame now–awaiting replacement of the check spring. So many things to learn about this machine–but it certainly beats clearing the dining room table and trying to pin baste or crawling about the floor basting. I didn’t mind the quilting on my Pfaff 7570—just the basting—



Vivien–is the name of my Gammill–named in honor of my grandmother–actually she should be Vivien Mae.

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