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time for Christmas spirit and vanilla

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic with work and then I had my third Mohs surgery and repair. The stitches came out yesterday and I still look like I have been in a bar-room brawl of some sort—but clearly the winner as I have no other apparent injuries.

So in light of all that, today I opened up the vanilla bean package and the bottle of fancy –expensive vodka—and gathered up the empty maple syrup bottles we have been saving for just such a purpose—doubt that we will be making maple syrup on the farm any time soon.

So I washed off the bottles–opened them up and stuffed vanilla beans in the bottles–and then poured in the vodka—and somehow I was able to fill only three bottles—leaving the rest to be filled later–maybe with rum as my husband has suggested.

Unfortunately it will not be ready for Christmas cookie baking—but then I rarely need an excuse to make cookies. In my younger years I made cookies every Thursday morning for the middle son’s school—I offered for the other two–but was declined–sadly. It meant I was up at 5 each morning to make those cookies—but it was fun–and I’d do it again.


okay so a bit of a learning curve here—smugmug has changed up things a bit—so you get to see it twice—




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