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In the Kitchen

This past week’s assignment was to photograph something in the kitchen. Some of my classmates photographed stemware or glass ware on a colored surface and one somehow managed to  get a photo of the underneath of his washing machine.

This year we have had an abundance of lemons–as in past years. I picked them all a couple of weeks ago and we have enjoyed them in a lemon meringue pie–my grandmother’s recipe that dirtied several bowls and a saucepan in the making, a pasta dish, over fish, vegetables, and sometime soon with hot tea.

I cut one into a half and two quarters, positioned them in a blue bowl I bought in Mexico while at a Spanish language class, put our microwave bacon cooker under one edge to give it an angle and shot away. Some pomegranates were also near by but didn’t show well against our cutting board countertop.

this week it’s a self portrait—not sure what I will do with that—but I’ve got several days to think about it.

Weir Lemons in a blue bowl


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  1. Laura Lee Scott #

    Beautiful, Sylvia!

    November 23, 2015

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