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Leader and Enders

I think I have always worked this way–but this is a leader-ender project. What happens is–you line up a project that needs to be done bit by bit while you are working on another project that you want to finish from start to finish. These little pieces were all left-overs from a quilt guild workshop using some sort of stack and whack technique. Nearly everyone tossed the little end pieces in the trash—but I retrieved them—and combined them into this. First I sorted them according to size and then matched up pairs using contrast as best I could—then sewed the groups together—

It was the third piece I quilted with Vivian—

My apologies for the bad lighting on the top—my sewing room isn’t very bright on rainy dark gloomy days—of which we’ve had far too many in the past few weeks.

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  1. Hi Silvia, I signed up to follow your blog after I bought your donation quilt from the SAQA auction.
    I just love Bovine. I grew up on a small farm so I guess that was why I was drawn to the cows. I was so happy when it arrived as it was much more than how it looked as a photo at the auction. I was also surprised it was mounted on a canvas. I love that idea and hope to try some quilts like that to give as gifts, when I have the time.
    Thanks I just need to find the right place in my home to put it up. Look at my website to find out more about me as a quilter.
    Thanks again, Jane

    November 7, 2015

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