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When I was much younger I imagined heroes with miraculous powers and how I wished I had something that special. But now I think that heroes are everyday people, People who get up every morning, put their shoes on and go to work at a not so inspiring job but it pays the bills. And then there’s people who always have a smile on their face despite not so nice occurrences in their lives, people who despite all odds manage to survive, and still smile.

And now, I have so much–not in comparison to the Kennedy’s or Trumps or Rockefellers, or any person with immeasurable monetary wealth==cars, vacations, yachts—-but in comparison with most of the world–I have running water, electricity, a host of appliances willing to wash my dishes, bake my bread, wash my clothes, dry my clothes, cook my meals, store fresh foods in freezers, and then there are the shops–with clothes I do not need to sew made from cloth I do not need to weave, and a wide assortment of foods I do not grow or process–I just select from the shelf.

And so now I wonder who is the hero—the person who can leap tall buildings or the person who perseveres through adversity with a smile.

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  1. jmhouston #

    Hit the nail on the head as the saying goes!!!

    October 16, 2015

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