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another photo assignment

This week’s assignment was to use a text overlay on a photograph. This week has been busy and I had planned to spend today taking some photos. Alas, it was dark and dreary and rainy outside and I was feeling like a nightgown day. So I took a photo of my baby grand, sadly neglected and not played for at least a month or so due to a badly needed tuning. My photoshop editor has a lot of options for text with a lot of shapes, dozens of fonts, and then there is color. I could have spent all day playing around with those options but decided on a dullish gray color to be just a bit different from the black and white of the photo and a closeup of the keys and music. I had some shots of the entire piano but then I would have to deal with window glare and the entire imagery seemed far too busy. So this is what I ended up with.

And now to more nightgown day. Tonight is the eclipse that I planned to photo but I think there will be too much cloud cover to warrant setting up tripod and staying up late. I’m sure someone will take photos for me that I can enjoy tomorrow morning–but maybe it will clear up and I’ll feel more ambitious.

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