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A day with Jane Sassaman at the Creativity Center in LaGrange Texas

Last month I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Jane along with two very good friends. Jane is known for her art deco designs and now designs fabrics as well.  You can see more of her patterns, designs and fabrics at her website.

Jane Sassaman – quilt artist, fabric designer, author and …
Besides being immensely talented, she is also a very nice person and an excellent teacher.
Our first assignment was to cut out shapes from colored paper and arrange them in several different arrays with the thought that colored paper is much more expendable than our 10-12 dollar a yard fabric—or priceless hand-dyed.
 here is one of mine. I began to get a bit nervous about this, thinking I may have to reproduce this in fabric.
Then we swapped shapes with someone else at our table—and then we had a free=for-all with all the shapes stuck in the middle of the table. I am happy to report that there were no gouged fingers or pouting or screams.
On Saturday afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the Quilt Museum in La Grange. I have been there several times an was pleased to see how much the garden has filled in. No photos were allowed inside–most regrettably as there were several antique quilts I fell in love with–they all had cut outs at the bottom to accommodate bedposts and were in the shape of Kimonos–as were Judith Content’s Kimono quilts.
There is a very nice quilt and yarn store next door and I bought some lovely yarns to make a vest—I really need more winter clothing here in this part of Texas!
Then we walked around the courthouse viewing the wonderful art deco detailing and the gremlin on one entranceway.
Back to work—my piece is still rolled up; a few people were actually sewing on theirs.
It was a fun weekend, although I now have an additional project awaiting my attention.
A few more photos on my smugmug site particularly of the flowers and the art deco motifs.
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