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Technology on Fire

no pictures today; my beloved Canon PS fell flat on its lens and no longer is functional. I’ve had a brief mourning period and earlier this morning I ordered a new one from Adorama through Amazon Prime.

In the interim I’ve been taking photos with my Galaxy—thinking it would not be too hard to transfer photos. After three hours of reading assorted forums I discovered that with my old Galaxy it is not an easy project. The menus change with each new edition of the phone–as with other techie things–and so I have given up and ordered a FirePhone also from Amazon Prime. This has the advantage of being identical to the one my husband has and so perhaps I will be successful in using it not just as a phonebook and navigator but as a camera.

And maybe when my husband returns from his farmhouse building project for the winter, he can download my wonderful (just kidding–most are just okay–but they are documents of activities and friends over the past two or three weeks)

Now, I’m off to work in League City Tx with hand written directions and a study of the map–as navigator refuses to talk to me while I’m driving.

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