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celebrating Silver in Portland Oregon

Sometimes I wish I could travel as much as some of my artwork does. This particular piece will be in Portland the next week or so at a Quilt Knit Stitch event. But then I’d have to travel with twenty or so others all lying flat in a crate.

This particular piece was made for SAQA’s silver anniversary. I was lucky enough to be chosen by Yvonne Porcella, the founder of the organization with full rein to produce whatever I dreamed about–. When I was in high school chemistry class, we got to play with liquid mercury–it was fun to chase it around with toothpicks, separating it into little balls and then gathering it all back together again. I thought it would be fun to illustrate children looking as though they were playing, while others just watched. Each figure took about a week to stitch as I choose the fabrics, assemble them and then hand-applique them in place so there are no raw edges. The background is pieced and I did a lot of sampling and kept careful notes about the process in a notebook containing just my notes about this particular piece.

It will come home soon–and then it will join the others all lying flat on a table or rolled up in the mailing carton.

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