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Jamming it up

With rhubarb and strawberries!

Now that we have fresh fruit available year round, rhubarb isn’t quite the treat it used to be.

Rhubarb was the first fresh fruit type food in the early summer. Huge leaves topping ruby red stems–that were tart with oxalic acid.

I harvested SOME rhubarb from my farm earlier this month, bought two packages of strawberries and sat on a stool in my kitchen and chopped, chopped, chopped. Strawberry and rhubarb are a natural combination and so I made a batch of jam. I have still more rhubarb all chopped and ready to make into something–I think maybe combining it with peaches–although this time I decided to use frozen peaches–already peeled and stoned. That is all in the freezer now–but maybe I’ll have another cooler day in which to make more jam.

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