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Sacred Threads

Two weeks or so ago, I sent off two pieces to Sacred Threads show in Virginia. I patted the box and told them to be good quilts while they were away while the FEDEX clerk smiled indulgently at me. They were hung with many others—and thanks to Leeanna–who posted a photo of one of them at the show.

Soon they will be on their way home again.

I never really worry about pieces being away—the joy for me is in the creating–the selecting of the photo/ the subject/ and then executing the design.

Several other pieces are waiting for me to continue or begin working. I’ve been stuck for awhile as I have run out of neutral grays. Yesterday dye powder arrived–and hopefully I can re-create the colors I have used. I am not a precision dyer, I experiment and usually have no plans to replicate a color. I am not sloppy but surprise is always an element.

Today I have to spend the day reading a manual and being present for boosts—the lab collects plasma for Rhogam–to prevent a horrible situation for babies born to an O negative mother. I never gave much thought to where the stuff came from–I ordered it and the pharmacy brought it up and the nurse gave it. Unlike penicillin which is produced in huge vats by an army of productive bacteria===thanks to Eli Lilly for a tour of a drug manufacturing plant during medical school days, Rhogam and other similar things are collected from people–regular people you may see sitting next to you at a church supper.

Here is the last piece that went to Sacred Threads this year.

Graciela This little girl watched the doings of the medical-dental team with great enthusiasm, rocking back and forth on her heels.

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