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Day Five Nancy Crow Workshop


Last night I was too tired to think about ordering a breakfast to go–so I had to wait until 7 for breakfast. I had just one piece left to make–and dithered –writing up my presentation and finally pulled out some fabrics and began to work. I cut some of the pieces with scissors–mostly because I could understand where they went on the piece–and then frantically sewed it up, finishing just in time for our last lunch.

Presentations were scheduled to start at 1 pm—so there was a lot of scrambling about to get things put away, boxes wrapped and taped up for transport home–I planned to leave tomorrow morning so I had no rush to get out the door.

Nathaniel surprised me with a lovely sculpture of a fish made from wire and spools and tension discs and sewing brackets. I was speechless–and then there was also the honey and maple syrup and a wonderful cutting board of cherry and a really sweet note.

The presentations were inspiring with most people presenting work from two weeks or more. I had just two pieces completed with one not really following the directions—it just sort of grew and I followed it along.

Tonight there is a band playing on the bandstand outside my hotel room and dozens of people all sitting around with umbrellas–the mix of music ranges from Elvis to Buffet to movie classics–pleasantly presented.

Tomorrow I start my long drive home.

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