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Day Two Nancy Crow Workshop


After a nice cup of hot coffee and a cinnamon roll, I looked at yesterday’s work and took it down, rolled it up in the flannel working area and tucked it away—to think about and work on another day. So that meant I needed to start another piece.

This time I decided to eliminate all the fabrics on my table except for the ones I was working with–to see if that would be helpful. So I sewed and cut and sewed some more. I had brought along some squares my grandmother had cut from solid fabrics–using a small cardboard template and a pair of scissors. She had sewn together three rows but with 1/16th inch seams–frugal that she was–she did not want to waste anything in seams.

As I stitched the main seams of my piece, matching up curves and cutting new ones, I re-sewed those seams plus finished sewing together all her little squares. I’ve been trying to incorporate some of my grandmother’s vintage fabrics or some of her blocks or my great-grandmother’s blocks or bits and pieces of dress-making fabrics. Another person in our group did the same but not pieces from her family–she even included the row of buttons on a shirt–an idea that I liked and will think about using also.

I didn’t finish this piece either–and brought it back to my hotel room to do some hand-stitching on the seams that didn’t quite sew together as smoothly as I would have liked. I do like the ‘no hanging threads’ since I’ve been doing the leader-ender thing. I’ve got another stack of half square triangles waiting to be square up and maybe put along one side or perhaps two to  finish up the piece.

Again no photos today but hope you enjoy the prickly pear blossom taken at Crystal Beach last month.

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