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on the Road again

I missed last week’s photo assignment of doing a mirror montage. We have had a dreary week with rain and more rain and some of my neighbors have wondered about Noah’s Ark. Due to the drainage projects in Beaumont we have not had a lot of local flooding as we usually do although I did not venture out on the usually chest high water areas. Today I was finally able to mow most of the yard although there was still standing water in many places and the tires of the riding lawn-mower left lovely tracks everywhere I went.

I had grand dreams when I read the assignment of possibly getting a photo of the spaghetti bowl of roads in Houston–but opted against when I saw the videos of the water everywhere–reminiscent of Tropical Storm Allison which created havoc in Houston for weeks. Then I thought about a nice country road–but not when they are full of mud; and so I ended up with a photo of my mailbox.

I have always loved mailboxes. It was a window into the world. My father had a mailbox mounted on a board that he would stick into the snowbank as the regular mailbox was buried under many feet of snow; he would remove it before the snowplow arrived. Sometimes he didn’t time it just right and the snowplow driver would stop, come in for a cup of coffee and some cake while he chatted with Dad. Dad would walk out to the mailbox, pull it out and the driver would go on his way and Dad would replace the mailbox.

Now as I think back on it, I think the snowplow driver used it as an excuse==as did Dad for a bit of gossip and a place to warm up for a short time.

One year, a wren made her nest in that mailbox and the mailman would drive into our driveway and hand us the mail rather than disturbing that wren. When her hatchlings were ready to fly, Dad made sure the mailbox had a firm closure so she could not return.

Then there was the time Mom ordered her baby chicks and they arrived by mail with the mailman calling ahead to see if she would be home so he could deliver them, altering his route so those chicks would be the first drop of the day.

I think there are still places in the country like this–

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  1. jmhouston #

    Lovely memories!!!! and I always enjoy your photos! Good choice to not come to Houston……….we are finally seeing sun and hope to dry out soon…………

    May 31, 2015

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