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Fish Tunnels, Gorillas, and Fuddruckers

Last Sunday I spent a wonderful morning with my youngest son, Joey, his wife Tiffy and their two children–Sawyer and Savanna at the Houston Zoo. The day was overcast and periodically we had to take cover under awnings or eaves and left right before the huge downpour that filled the gutters.

The gorilla exhibit was just opened to members only and we made the long trek to see them. The zoo is quite large and the areas for the animals is equally immense. The animals were drowsing–it was a little hot, but the giraffes were lining up to have their brunch fed to them by youngsters on a platform.

Animal sculptures were scattered around the park, available for photos with youngsters–and probably those with more years.

The fish tunnel was fun, the smaller children crawling through a tube placed in the middle of a fairly large aquarium. Then there was the prairie dog exhibit–with no prairie dogs but tunnels and hatches so children–and an adult or two could crawl through and pop up like prairie dogs. As a side note, our Lewis and Clark trip featured a visit to Teddy Roosevelt park in the Dakotas with a large patch of prairie dogs–barking squirrels==. They were so fun to watch but I can see how people on horses or with cattle would not be appreciative of the holes just the right size to catch a leg.

There were plenty of benches for this grandma to sit and rest—

We ended up at Fuddruckers for lunch–Joey’s favorite place when he was a teenager–and his preferred birthday dinner bash location. Rain  chased us through the parking lot and we were happy we had spent our morning at the zoo–

It was a fun day–but long.

More photos can be seen here on my smugmug site

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