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I See Red

This week’s assignment was to find something RED.

I thought about this—and wanted to do something that wasn’t exactly expected–Red apples, my box of red fabric, and then there was “I see Red” as an expression, or how about closed books or newspapers. I tried a swath of red on watercolor paper but decided to use an image of Turk’s Cap, a local flower that has tiny red flowers. I photographed it from the top so it looks swirly but seen from the side it does look like a turban of sorts.

The May gallery on Ricky Tims site is full of Red objects, ranging from strawberries, trucks, lawn chairs, letters, rhubarb, necklaces, rugs, lobster, and so forth. One photo was converted to black and white with a red roof placed on a distant boat house at the end of the pier. It was an effective use of neutrals offplaying the red–similar to Remington’s painting of the wild west. Many of his images were used as book covers and I suppose there was limited ink colors used–to make them realistically priced for book imagery.

The Stark Museum in Orange Texas has a large collection of Western art that has served as the basis for traveling exhibits to other museums around the world.

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