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Gardenias, Water Color Painting, and Tea

Two days ago, I invited my dear friend to stop by on her way home from work as a school nurse to try out water color painting. She had always wanted to try it—and I hadn’t done any for several years preferring my watercolor pencils and ink pen. So I prepped two small samples of water color paper from Strathmore; used foam core as the ‘easel’ instead of the large plywood squares; picked up my tool box of water color paints, and we sat down for an hour or so and worked.

We did two simple landscapes, and they turned out fairly nice. Water color is challenging to do well, but you have to start somewhere. It is easy to over-work and end up with mud. My minisplit was perfect to dry the pieces.

A dill pickle jar full of gardenias sat on the table and I kept wondering what the smell was as I worked–maybe the orchids still blooming?

I made a pot of tea—warmed up the pot with hot water first and put in the loose tea from the Indian food store and strained it through a strainer I had bought on one of my trips to Virginia.

Then I had to go to work—

But it was a good day.

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