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Beach Retreat

A friend invited me to sew at her beach cabin in Crystal Beach last week. I eagerly accepted and found two others in the cabin with me and all four of us sewing and sewing and sewing. I completed my crayon quilt challenge–I drew yellow green–I could add black, gray, or white to the color. I also got the back pieced although I think I may undo a bit and insert a bit of the yellow green in the backing.

this is just the beginning; there are more blocks around the outside using the black and gray plaid

It was a wonderful week. The prickly pear cactus was in full bloom outside the cabin, there were lots of shore birds including pelicans, gulls, and sanderling–and almost no people. I walked on the beach every morning and every evening, took lots of photos which hopefully you can see by clicking on the photo and going to the gallery labeled crystal beach.

We took a side trip to Pickets and Posies where we all indulged in some purchases of fabric we all ‘needed’. The Mexican restaurant next door had wonderful food and we were so stuffed we ate just a few crackers and cheese and fruit for supper that night.

We also ate at the Stingaree on the last night; watched the barges go up and down right outside our window seating-no photos of that as I was near the aisle; and took a trip through ‘the Big Store’=– a local legend and the first to be up and running after the hurricanes. It has a concrete floor and tin sheeting as walls but has everything you can imagine you might want from appliances to loaves of bread.

The power was out on Friday morning making the lift unusable–everything there is up on stilts for storm damage control–so I thumped my stuff down the stairs–I tend to travel lightly and had already taken some of my projects to my truck as I finished them so really didn’t have a lot to carry down–just my sewing machine in its cart plus my weekend bag with toothbrush etc.

It was a wonderfully relaxing week–something I really needed—.


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