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this week’s photo assignment was to find something to smile about. Now this is a real challenge when wading through inches of water on dark and gloomy days with the sun a theoretical entity. Fortunately, Sunday was sunny, a few clouds in the sky and warm. My youngest son invited us to a crawfish boil at his in-laws house–and of course we were quite happy to ‘help’ them eat all those crawfish.

For those of you who don’t know, this project involves a gunny sack or more of crawfish. The best ones are purged—i.e. put in fresh clean water several times to get the grit and sand out of them. The cooking process involves a large pot–large enough to put Hansel or Gretel in, propane gas bottle—a bag or so of small potatoes, some sausages, onions, garlics, mushrooms, pre-boiled and peeled eggs, and sections of corn on the cob—plus a huge box of shrimp and crab boil spices.

It is an outdoor project accompanied by cold beer–or for me–cold water–or for my grand-daughter–a piece of ice she stored in the bib pocket of her shortie overalls. The crawfish and assorted go-withs are poured out onto a table–and then the peeling and eating begins. Some of the claws are large enough to have a nice bit of meat and true Cajuns suck the heads–which sounds gross—but I’m told it is quite tasty.

While the adults were busy peeling and eating away, the youngsters played with an electric car, scooters, and bicycles with training wheels.

It is extremely challenging to take photos of children–they move FAST–and then another one walks or runs between the camera and the subject, I took a lot of photos—and contemplated two–but submitted just one–as per the rules.

But I liked this one too.

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  1. Ulla Mikkelsen #

    Oh Sylvia🍤🍻 my mouth just watered reading about the crayfish outing! Must have been really funny taking part in. Lovely pictures of the children. My grandchildren would have liked to play with the mini car 🇩🇰

    April 20, 2015

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