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layering in elements

This week’s assignment was to use layers in photoshop to combine two photos, one with a texture, the other an object. I watched the video–I don’t learn well from videos; watched several tutorials on youtube but finally it ended up that I needed to play with all the drop-down menus in Elements. Layers are easy to understand, but challenging to execute. And if you miss one step that is obvious to everyone–but me and probably a few others, you will sit for hours pressing on buttons without success.

My final image is not very exciting—however, I did learn a lot about the use of layers and manipulating them.

Here is the initial image


And here is the background texture I used. It is a portion of our lovely sidewalk with all the cracks and few fallen crepe myrtle leaves.

And here are the two combined (flattened/overlaid)

Screamingly ugly! However, I learned a lot about layers and now that I know a bit more about selecting photos that will work well in this technique, I have a new tool at my disposal.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the wonderful candlemat I received from my new friend Ulla in Denmark. And the one I sent her.

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  1. I did this on my HTC desire 820s :-p

    April 5, 2015

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