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spring fever

The weather is finally pleasant enough to be outside although there is still standing water in many places in my yard and it feels like walking on a saturated sponge. However, the stock tank I had ordered arrived, I picked it up, got some bags of dirt, and then 15 gallons of river rock. It all rode in the back of my faithful F250 with a really comfortable ride. In fact, I think that truck was smiling in that it finally got to do some work other than haul me around to work with my lunch and doctor bag the heaviest thing to carry.

My wheelbarrow had a flat tire so I piled the rocks into a smaller bucket–only half full which meant a lot of trips and multiple climbs into the bed of the truck to offload the rocks from inside the stock tank to my bucket. I didn’t count but I think there were at least ten trips. Next was moving the bags of dirt–the smaller ones were easy but the larger ones did not all get carried to the back.

Next up, smaller rocks to be put on top of the larger rocks and then the dirt—and THEN plants—and somehow I’ll have to figure out a watering system. But one step at a time.

and finally, here is my rosemary in bloom. It was a bush at least four times larger but this is what survived the drought and our frosts.

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