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St. Patricks Day photo challenge

My grand-dad was Irish and I remember him with that glint in his eye; my dad had his story-telling skill and a touch of the practical jokester. On one occasion, a newly retired city person attempted to grow a garden wanted to know about carrots. The man was convinced to plant his row of carrots in a week, he would have carrots large enough to eat. So about six nights later, someone–my dad really didn’t elaborate on exactly WHO this might have been, a package of carrots from the grocery store was opened and the carrots stuck in the ground. Of course the conspirators all stood around in solemn appreciation of the skill of this new gardener. I’m not sure who told the poor man what had happened–probably someone’s wife who had been the brunt of a previous similar joke.

Ricky issued a challenge to do something for St. Patrick’s Day—and so I took this photo of clover—No, it’s not shamrocks–but it is green.

In the immortal words of Kermit–it isn’t easy being green.

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