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Bored Games

Truly I never really felt bored when playing them; they were things we pulled out when the weather was bad, everyone’s homework was done, the dishes were done, and the television was either non-functional or there was nothing non-objectionable on. I stopped watching most television when there seemed to be clones of reality shows or funniest videos which usually consisted of some sort of injury to someone. So we have a nice selection of games, not as many as some but they are all stacked neatly in a display case from Adler’s, a now defunct department store.

Our photo assignment this week was to display something of harmony with a board game as our subject. I could not think of anything interesting to do with them although many of my classmates were very clever and came up with some beautiful images.

I played around with lighting and positioning my camera and the additional light on the stack of games in the cabinet. None of those really seemed knockout interesting and so I tried a few shots in a local indoor lumber yard. It was fairly dark in there and they were flashing the lights to indicate that they planned to close soon and I needed to make my selections quickly. The stacks of lumber in their plastic wrappings was interesting along with the ends of the posts and pickets. None of my photos were directly in focus and improvement would have been had with a tripod and permission from the store manager but I had only a few hours before I had to submit my image.

So I ended up with the stacked games in the cabinet–not very intriguing but maybe I can get a better image this next week for the next challenge.

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