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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

This week’s assignment was to mirror a photograph in Photoshop. This was challenging as it seems I get stuck from time to time with requests from the software to do something in a language that reads as English but is unintelligible to me. After some frustrating tries, I managed to get two images done. I must admit that Glen helped me as I did not figure out how to activate a layer–and I’m still mystified as to how I created a transparent layer one time but not the next. So here is the one I submitted:

this was the original photo:

and here were the grackles sitting on the power line. It doesn’t come across as mirrored as much as the some of the other images submitted.

and again here is the original:

This next week is harmony as reflected by board games. I am totally at a loss to figure out something for this one. Maybe a few others have already posted their efforts and I can get an idea of what might work.


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