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This week’s photo assignment was ‘Abandoned’. We have not had sunshine for much of the week, rain is nice but not so good for taking photos. I was down to the wire on this assignment and finally drove around on Sunday afternoon in downtown Beaumont and took some photos. Downtown Port Arthur has more empty buildings but I thought I would have plenty of material here. I took photos of the building used as the Haunted hotel, tried for a good angle on the closed Westminster Presbyterian Church–but no luck;took photos of the former Treasure House on Orleans built in the day when odd shaped buildings were all the rage–I remember a triangle building in Madison where my father bought his paint, the PigStand–unfortunately vagrants have made their way in and destroyed much of the interior—for a long time, it looked like everyone was just going to come back in with napkin holders, menus and so forth all in place; and then I hit upon a set of concrete steps without a house.

So here is the one I submitted with a few other candidates.

and here it is in black and white;

this was one I liked a lot

dug up by the dogs in our back yard

Many of my classmates posted photos of broken things in a lot of grass and twigs; some things were called abandoned when they were just put up for the season–ie. picnic tables covered with snow along with a lot of other things covered with a lot of snow. There were a lot of falling down buildings, and a few tear-jerkers–I don’t like sentimentality in photos or busyness–I prefer cleaner, uncluttered, simpler images.

Next week is mirroring requiring me to use photoshop for something other than cropping or changing image size–or converting to black/white.

As always more photos are found in my gallery at smugmug:

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