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Texture my world in black and white or maybe color

An image reference library is a useful thing–and I had one of cut-out photos I found in magazines or newspapers or advertisements–not to copy but to use strictly as reference. When digital cameras became economically feasible–ever notice how many people in a group have a camera–and not just a cell phone? In my teen years, there was one camera per family, usually the father carried it, and shots were very carefully taken due to the expense of the film and processing. My mother would take photos of us–always facing the sun and admonishing us not to squint–a tough and impossible task.

So this weeks photo challenge was black and white; the gallery has some very clever and some lovely photos in it.

But then our second assignment was to start taking photos of textures. I managed to get one decent one of the several I took—the stucco wall of my house. Here it is in black & white and color.

Not much difference is there? I was supposed to find three–but the weather is not cooperating and it is too dismal to be outside. Plus I have a deadline of a JailHouseRock quilt for our local quilt auction due on Tuesday. It’s about half quilted and half bound so I think I’ll make it.

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