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Cat Tail Marsh

This past Sunday was the monthly meeting of the local orchid society held at Tyrrell Park. We decided to go about an hour early so we could explore the marsh area. It is part of the sewage treatment system for the city but has been set up as a waterbird refuge. There are many little walking roads throughout with a map neatly outlining distances. Glen wanted to try out his new lens, discovered the lens mounting broken after just a bit of use so he ran back to collect his other camera.

I walked on and thought I saw something that looked like a lot of foam in the next pond over. On closer inspection it was groups of pelicans all nesting/resting together. They were too far away from any of the roads–and my camera only zooms so far.

Wind was rather cutting and I was happy to crawl back into the truck and head for the meeting. We divided a large orchid and most people there potted up a section–it was a terrestrial orchid-meaning it grows in regular dirt–and some overwinter in northern climes.

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