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Cape San Blas Day Six

Today we decided to go back in time (central time)) to Mexico Beach. We wandered up and down the beach, some places had a lot of shells—and Glen found a moon snail’s egg case. It looks rather like a rubber ring for a strange shaped jar. Not a lot of people were out—I suppose they may have been in church or just enjoying a lazy start to the day.

Although it was quite chilly when we started, it was soon warm enough for me to start shedding jackets—all three of them. The sun was quite bright, the wind died down around mid day and the bay was like glass.

Lunch was assorted leftovers at the Sugar Shack in the company of a small anole who had come in hoping for warmer weather inside. The school buses down the street were parked neatly along the road while one of them had its air brakes worked on. I spent many hours on a bus—with an hour ride in the morning and evening—although they have heaters in the front and back, the remainder of the bus is chilly-=–and then, of course, some of the boys took delight in opening the windows just to see things blow around.

Another walk on the beach took up the afternoon—the gulf had some fairly large breakers and again very few people. We stopped at a Dollar General Market and picked up two movies—Nim’s Island and Get Smart—both enjoyable and not requiring a lot of concentration-=-thankfully—as I know I dozed through both at times.

I’ve been keeping track of my steps on a pedometer in a pocket. The highest was 11,000 some and yesterday was 10,800. My back and legs and hips all seem to recognize this effort but each day I’ve gained in strength and endurance—I’m ready to hit the gym again when we return.

Supper was a large green salad with a Florida avocado, tomato, and boiled egg. Glen had the rest of the raw tuna—I felt quite stuffed—probably why I slept through some of the movie.

Tomorrow we pack up to head home—and hopefully will arrive home that night giving me a day to get things organized before returning to work on Wednesday and Friday.


And as always, a full gallery of photos can be found on my smugmug site at

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