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Cape San Blas Day Five

Today we decided to return to Apalachicola. The morning weather was rather grim, foggy and chilly and gray. We hunted for a coffee shop and ended up in a converted Waffle House restaurant named ‘el Jalisco’. The waitress was quick as was our food—a cinnamon roll for me and eggs with ham and pancakes for Glen.

We drove around Apalachicola some but then took the causeway/bridge over the Inter-coastal to St. George Island. The beach was mostly deserted with a fair amount of wind. Sun was starting to peek through and we decided to go back to Apalachicola. Eclectic shops line the streets with historical sites marked with placards. Sidewalks are filled with merchandise and wandering tourists—the women oohing over certain items with the men being less interested. One empty lot had plastic flamingos which bowed and waved in the wind, Japanese Glass Net floats, diving gear, nets, life boats, buoys and so forth made walking by the shops challenging. One interesting shop was a combination expensive coffee table bookstore featuring willow baskets woven by a local artisan and in the back, baskets and bins of expensive yarns. Some of the cards were photographs by a local photographer. I wandered into the Grady Market and found some lovely inlaid shell necklaces—one for each daughter-in-law and one Grand-daughter.

We had a second cup of coffee at a coffee/chocolate shop—the regular coffee cups were heated! Back to St. George where I found two star-fish, one missing several legs, the other intact. Glen took a photo for us to remember it by—thinking the real thing might not smell too nice in a day or two. I picked up more shells, this time we found several olives=-not in good condition but clearly identifiable.

We walked along the fishing pier—a heron was stalking the fishermen waiting for a treat to be thrown his way. I have never been within three feet of such a magnificent bird before. He kept a wary eye on us but didn’t want to lose his chance at a nice meal.

Finally we returned to Apalachicola for some raw oysters at an oyster bar. I had Conch cakes with Tupelo honey sauce—and we both agreed it was the best food we’d had during this trip.

Back to the Sugar Shack—and hoping our neighbors there will be content for a quiet evening.

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