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Cape San Blas Day Four

Rain dripped and drizzled and pounded nearly all day. We spent the morning inside with Glen using his phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot and checking his email and face book Accounts. I worked on my tiny 3/8 inch hexagons with an end in sight. I had 200 papers and decided that I would finish up the project with just those. I’ve in mind a way to finish them with French Knots in the center of each in contrasting colors instead of quilting—much too tiny for my fingers. The resulting piece will be rather small and I could figure it out I suppose but I’m more inclined to start putting it together and measuring when complete.

We decided to drive to Apalachicola to see what was there. There are long causeways and it was quite foggy in many places. The town itself seems quite charming with a lot of interesting shops to explore. –Shrimp boats were parked at the dock at the foot of the street===I want to go back tomorrow for photos and a short stay at one of the coffee shops. Being low on diesel with no covered diesel pumps, we headed back to Port St. Joe where we filled up at an Exxon Station—got to keep my stock flourishing. Two hermit crabs wandered about in the bed of my truck, our collection of shells and sponge and sand and Glen’s pine cones were put in the truck bed. I thought I had closed up the shell bags but apparently not as those crabs were happily or frantically crawling about. It’s hard to tell what they were thinking. Post cards were mailed in time for the 3:30 pickup and maybe they will be delivered before we get home.

There is a walking/bicycle trail through the town that is several miles long—and totally separated from auto traffic. It looks to be part of alleyways that was converted with asphalt, divided into two lanes with alligator warning signs abounding. Rain started dripping again and we went back to the Sugar Shack.

Then we began a hunt for an oyster bar.

Our first try was at a place called Thirsty Goat—complete with a mounted goat heat wearing sun glasses. We each had a drink—a glass of Merlot for me and a Yuengling Lager—brewed by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the nation’s oldest brewery. No food here except for a small carafe of pretzel snacks.

Our next stop was at the Sunset Cove Grill. We shared a platter of fried mixed seafood and a slice of Key Lime Pie. Our waitress was excellent and the food average. Our table overlooked the bay where it was difficult to pick out the sky from the water.




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