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On the way to Cape San Blas

Cap San Blas January 2015

We arrived at the Sugar Shack mid day on Monday. The neighborhood is lower class with kids riding skateboards up and down the street and a large truck parked in front of the house. There are two school buses parked across the street. Our first project was to find the water turn-on valve and light the heaters and water heater. It was quite chilly and there was a distinctive moldy-seaweed smell throughout the house.

The house itself is up on piers—providing a place for a dog to chase around during the night. Multiple small rooms with two bedrooms on the right, an add-on shower room, and no doors but lots of lace curtains. The rooms and walls are filled with photos/beach items/glassware/old furniture/lamps and so forth. The kitchen is tiny without a microwave but there is a huge refrigerator with lots of condiment type items in the side door.

We light the heaters with a stick lighter I just happened to have in the truck along with boxes of matches. We shop at the local Piggly Wiggly without much of a plan and buy some wine and beer at a local liquor store. The owner there seemed to have sampled his wares generously.

Our first breakfast was one of pre-made sausage/egg biscuits requiring a microwave to heat. Glen put them in a fry pan on top of the stove and heated them up—the coffee pot here is quite small and we made two batches. Surprisingly the water here is quite tasty.

Then it was off to the state park.

We hiked a nature trail in the morning along the bay side without spying any alligators—thank goodness. Then we accessed the beach side through the dunes and walked up and down the beach. The shells are quite pummeled by the waves with very few intact. I did pick up a few, mostly pieces. Then we went back to the boat launch area and watched pelicans beating their wings in the water.

Clouds would cover the sky obliterating the difference between sky and sea and then an hour later would be totally gone. Frequently we could hear planes overhead—not a surprise since there is a naval and air force base nearby. Although we tried hard to see the planes, all we could hear was the roar of them passing overhead.

We finished the day with another meal of string cheese/crackers/chips/ and drinks.

Tomorrow we may try an oyster bar.

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