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Selectively focusing

Our first assignment was to manually adjust the aperture on our cameras to capture a short focus subject. Our weather has not been particularly cooperative this past few weeks or so, with dull gray skies and drippy drizzles and COLD! So I ran out on a couple of days in the fleeting sunshine for a few shots, and then resorted to indoor photos.

Not a very interesting subject matter although I’ve grown to really like broiled brussel sprouts.

the wind was blowing so I had to hold this one steady while hanging on to the tripod. I discovered that if I used a f stop of 4 or less, the light was overwhelming particularly on a white subject.

so how about this one? It’s a finial on the neighbor’s fence.

I could not convince the bee to stay in the middle of the flower.

So this is the one I chose to submit. I’m only allowed one photo for the class website.

Glen and I looked at the selection offered thus far–Most of the photos were not keepers but good efforts. There were a few that were really nice including mine of course.

This next week we’ll be searching for LINE.

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