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The week between Christmas and New Year’s has always seemed to be a time to reflect upon the past year/s and to plan for the upcoming year. Somehow the first two months of the year always slide by and I manage to get around to planning and setting up goals in March–which may be appropriate as it is my birth month. Then, there is the ritual of setting aside the past year’s day-planner and installing the new year’s planner.

I’ve tried a lot of methods over the years to plan  but what seems to work best for me is a set of index cards with broad categories. I review them occasionally–not as often as perhaps I should–but then I have learned that I need to slow down and rest more.

The past year was less exciting than previous ones with my medical deductible being met only two weeks before the end of the year instead of two weeks into the year. A small thing perhaps, but exciting for me as my social life seems to revolve around doctor visits to my assortment of specialists.

I hope this year will see fewer medical issues and more fun and travel. As always I want to finish up projects–but then I have new ones that seem to spring up and push the old ones back. I guess if I really wanted the older ones, I would have done them by now–but they can stay neatly–or not so neatly–written on an index card that I peruse while waiting for a Netflix to load.

Today, more Netflix and ordering of garden seeds. This year I hope to have a garden as productive as it was two years ago with a sink filled with produce to process—-this was just one day’s picking.


and now, I’m linking to Nina Maries Friday night linkup—I think—as part of my New Year’s activities

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