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Houston Quilt Festival 2014

Festival is always an exciting and busy time. The vendor section is immense with so many selections I truly feel overwhelmed with choices. Then there’s the quilts, row after row and it is hard to pick what to do first. This year I had a piece in a special exhibit jurored by Yvonne Porcella–the originator of Studio Art QUilt Association called Celebrating Silver. My piece was called Quicksilver, referring to the fascinating qualities of liquid mercury. I was interviewed by Quilt Alliance about this piece and it will be on Youtube sometime soon. I think they said they had over 60 quilt interviews this time.

It was fun to meet up with the Holus Bolus gang–we’ve been together now for seven years. We do a communal project with the grand reveal at Festival. Each year they are better than the year before. We’ve also started to sign up for a class together–probably much to the teacher’s chagrin as we tend to be somewhat boisterous. This year we made a wet felted hibiscus—a technique that is too hard on my hands to think I want to do more.

Sherry met one of her favorite people–Jenny of Missouri Star Quilting Company.

I took photos of some of my favorite red and white quilts===a fabulous display, in itself well worth the trip and the traffic and the hassle of parking amongst all the congestion engendered by the addition of the mass transit train connecting Main Street with the sports arenas.

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