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Plaquemil Kaleidoscopes and Fire Ant Cheerios

Several years ago I was taking two medications for my rheumatoid arthritis–Methotrexate and Humera. I ended up with systemic histoplasmosis and had to stop the Humera. We had hoped my rheumatoid arthritis would burn itself out as happens sometimes but I was not so lucky. The rheumatologist started me on Plaquenil which also seemed to work well.

About two months ago I began seeing what appeared to be a Cheerio shaped fire ant bed in the front lawn near the daily newspaper. It wasn’t long afterward that I could see kaleidoscopes when I closed my eyes of varying colors, and parts of words would be missing from whatever I was reading–or trying to work the daily crossword puzzle. I tried to talk myself into thinking it was a reflection from my multifocal glasses or even cataracts suddenly grown large enough to give difficulty.

My six monthly eye visit was due and I described what I was seeing to the ophthalmologist hoping she would not think I was crazy with such bizarre symptoms. Instead she sent me to see a retinal specialist with some more fancy tests to be done–none with needles and only a minimum of eye drops–who said I had classic Plaquenil toxicity–the first he had personally diagnosed in over 27 years of dealing with retinal disease.

My vision appears to have stabilized and the Cheerio fire ant bed is less prominent but still I have to depend more upon feel-and am casting about for some less visually demanding tasks/hobbies/and so forth.

The Kaleidoscope colors are interesting–too bad they don’t come with music.

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  1. Sylvia, sent an email with an attachment…………not a spam!!!!

    September 27, 2014

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