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Weaving and purses

My favorite purse is a messenger bag from Army Surplus. It is black and has three compartments besides the outside pocket; which means that things disappear into it’s depths. So, after weaving a trial sample on my Beka rigid heddle loom, I decided I would use it to divide one of the compartments. I had a pattern to make a purse insert but hesitated to use nice fabric—the weaving was of strings too small to do much of anything with–except weave. I had thought I would use up all of those strings in this weaving–but the basket is still over-flowing–I’ll have to set it up for another weaving project.

But I digress.

I added some black canvas to the ends thinking it needed something rather stiff to hold its shape, then folded and marked, sewed across the bottom and then with a lot of finesse sewed the top edge to the edges of the compartment, slid in my wallet, checkbook, card case, envelope for receipts and such, and phone. Now everything is much more visible.

That’s a ziplock of Kleenex and a shawl for unexpected over-air conditioned rooms.The front pocket is somewhat un-organized but has a spare toothbrush, a notebook, a tape measure and pocket knife. I’ll need to think of a way to put my glasses maintenance stuff in somewhere.

Clean eyeglasses, clean teeth—make any day much better.

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