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Stonewall Texas, Emilie’s Haus and Holus Bolus Retreat

View from the back porch

Each summer Holus Bolus–a group of five friends take a few days from our regular world to sew, laugh, and tell stories, and engage in general gigglement. In past years we have been to Camp Allen. While the cabins are very nice, they are not really set up for sewing and I had to take rolly chairs with us–loaded up in the back of my truck. I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies with tables and chairs plus fabric. I think there was only enough room for clean underwear—fabric and supplies being much more important. This year, Suzi suggested we go to Emilie’s Haus, a sewing and quilting retreat area she had been to with other friends.

The center was very nicely supplied with rulers and gobs of fabric scraps, three nice large design walls, very comfy chairs, a kitchenette–no stove, but who wants to cook in the summer when you can have sandwiches and salads and not take much time away from sewing?

Each evening our meal was in the main house with our hostess who filled us in on various historical aspects of the area. Our host chatted about the various butterflies and birds–I spotted a summer tanager, heard the yellow billed cuckoos and bob-whites, and then there were the hummingbirds. I assigned myself the task of filling the feeders each day, sometimes filling them three times. They were quite insistent that I be speedy about the task whizzing about my head and arguing over which the best ‘flower’ was the best. We also spotted two jackrabbits who were close enough and considerate enough to pose for photos.

We each got a lot done, but even more fun was being together and laughing over silly things. Raggedy Ann was my sewing companion with my green sparkling sequinned tiara.

There are more photos in my smugmug account here:!i=3430554438&k=435Z57V

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  1. Loved seeing your pictures. The time together must have been delightful.

    August 4, 2014

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