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Crystal Beach

Yesterday, I drove down to Crystal Beach to meet with some friends at a quilting bee meeting. It’s been a long time since I drove anywhere just for pleasure–and it was great to see the beach. The food, as always, was plentiful and tasty and I really wanted a second plate but was quite full with wonderful wild rice and apple salad, broccoli salad, strawberry salsa, a crab bite (my offering), pina colada pie and blackberry pie. There was a great deal of laughing, some great projects shown and updates on the health of several members.


The meeting was in the AARP building which seems to be like a senior citizen or community building. There is storage space for a knitting group, a crochet group, a group that plays mah jong, and the quilters. There is a nice kitchen and is in a brick building built many feet above sea level. Look at this library room. I was ready to settle in with a cup of tea.

side room of our meeting area–bring a book and take a book


Along the way home I stopped at one of the pull-outs. A family of a boy/girl/mom/dad were surfing. Actually the little girl was surfing with lots of giggles, the boy watched, and the dad was chest deep in water helping to position, and mom was on the beach taking photos. I got my feet wet in the surf and managed to find one small piece of beach glass. I picked up a few shells but they always look so pretty when they are wet and rather dull when dry.

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