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Two sons and a new Deck

Two weeks ago, my middle son came to see if he could restore water to my shop on Highway 90–he was quite successful—which means I can now spend a day out there and water my garden. While he was there he took a look at a sunken area behind the house–the previous owner had installed a septic tank but he had hired someone to clear the land behind the building–and the end-loader/bull-dozer collapsed the top of the septic system. It was a space I had to carefully walk around as it was not very stable. He decided I needed a deck over it; and then the plan grew from that to include planter boxes and a timed sprinkler system. I had thought about having some crane pads –they were free but I had no way to move them around. Consultation with my youngest son—a project manager engineer—who spent time looking up plans, coming up with a supply list and ordering it from Lowes–a local lumber/building supply company.

When they arrived we headed out to Lowes, he checked the order to be sure it was complete–and they had missed some bolts and nuts. We divided the load between my truck and middle son’s truck and we slowly proceeded to my shop.

They started in on the project carefully measuring and double checking; I was proud of the way the two worked together–some things they had to figure out while they were working but it went so smoothly—except we needed a few more boards—and a hand-saw. So that was my job–finding the hand tools tat I had there. They expressed surprise when I pulled out a Stanley hammer, crowbar and saw-horses. Both of them had brought their tools and air compressor.

It was really hot and I could do little more than try to find a bit of shade to sit under–my respiratory system still on the blink.

We finished the day with a late supper at Diez de Mayo and they sped back to their lovely wives.  The planter boxes will have to wait a bit. And I don’t have a photo of the completed project.

load of supplies

framing it up

nearly completed deck


So now I have a nice place to work on dyeing fabric/marbling/ and just enjoying the Texas sky. I do need to get one of those patio table/umbrellas as it is very bright and sunny.
































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  1. jmhouston #

    It is so nice when “children” play together nicely!!!!  at any age!  and if Mom profits from the endeavor, so much the better!!!!!  janice

    June 8, 2014

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