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Water Leak

For the past several years I have been dealing with a water problem at my Highway 90 house–Although I use it for some sewing and gardening, I do not do laundry, wash dishes, flush toilets only two or three times a day and definitely never a shower–at least intentionally. But my water bills were higher than at my house–where I do all of those things–and not just me but when I had three active boys and a husband–and that washing machine ran almost constantly.

My husband tried digging it out, but there was so much water he could not get at the problem, the plumbers checked my system and said it was okay—so I decided i would get some rain barrels and haul water. We got a transfer pump, three barrels and tried to implement the system of watering my garden. I was at an impasse when my middle son—mechanical engineer–offered to come over and figure out what I was doing wrong. The water company had come out and changed out some parts on the meter—as it looked brand new–not even mud on it–I had tried to find the turn-on valve but could not see anything that looked like it would fit—I was looking at the wrong side! He dug it out a bit more-turned it one–and behold a nice fine spray of water around the junction of my water system and the city.

Off to M&D hardware for $30 in supplies, a bit of elbow grease and I had water!

Now my garden out there will be happy and I may have a chance of a good okra crop this year.

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