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Street Repairs

Street Repairs and a massive drainage project are underway at one of the main thorough fares in my neighborhood. Very little traffic drives through on weekends but during the week we have concrete trucks, tow trucks, semis hauling beer, moving vans, and so forth as they are diverted around the particular section of street. The drainage tiles are huge==over six feet in height–I can just barely touch the ‘roof’. They are all lined up with numbers painted on the inside and outside in hot pink. The road is uneven and rough and even with great suspension, people in cars bounce up and down.

I still mourn the loss of all our beautiful live oak trees cut down in the name of ‘progress’. Of course, my house never flooded and I rarely left my vehicle in the street. I might feel differently if my car got flooded once or twice a year–but then there are parking spots for each of those cars in a covered garage===just not as convenient as those on the street.


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