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Dog Escape Prevention

Our two border collie mixes are very busy. One of them has discovered that she can get out by scootching under the fence at the corner. Glen piled up some rocks there–but we discovered she was pushing/pulling them out so she could get out and explore the nearby world. And so we began the great dog escape prevention Project.

Step one was the purchase of two rolls of a woven wire and staples.

Step two was installing the wire. Both dogs were incredibly interested but one of them thought she might be going to the dog park and so she hung out in the car–hopefully.

Step three involved cutting down some huge wisteria branches into smaller bits and removing them from the fence. Unfortunately both dogs thought they were play toys just for themselves and started a huge fight. Toby ended up in time out–the first time she’s had that in a long time.

We finished one roll of wire and were done for the day. One roll to go.


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