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Closet inspection

My normal attire is blue jeans or cargo pants with a long or short sleeved Tshirt depending upon the season. Occasionally, though, I do need to wear something a bit more spiffy. Over the next few days, I’ll be showing some of my creations.

The first is a jacket made from an exquisitely pieced gray and pink triangle quilt I bought for $5. Unfortunately those precise seams were exactly 1/8 inch, too small for me to think they would last long in a quilt. And so I turned it into this jacket with matching purse. The base of the jacket is a sweatshirt I cut apart and then resewed the seams;bound the neck and added some yo-yos for detail down the front. The purse is a recycled bag that was a misprint for the Denver SAQA convention. I wear this to church and other formal occasions.


The quilting was quite simple–just follow the lines of the piecing. The inside of the purse flap shows the piecing. I had a few small pieces leftover for backgrounds for a small art piece that was donated to Alliance for American Quilts last year.

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