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Whats on my Design Wall and digging through UFO boxes

After finishing an art project I am always at loose ends for a bit. I tidy up my sewing area;put away the thread, order more thread–I seem to go through a lot of natural and medium gray, refile the fabrics I’ve used, and so forth. Sometimes I will make postcards out of the leftover bits and pieces from the art project or if the pieces are particularly large, I’ll cover a notebook. But then sometimes I decide to dig through my piles of UFO’s–in boxes and bags on my shelves and pick out one to work on. This particular one in reds and blues is an exchange of the snowball and rail fence  and the other is birthday blocks. I’ve arranged them here with all the like pieces together but may decide to change the orientation.

I’m accumulating quite a few quilt tops that need quilting; that is challenging for me now–my back doesn’t really like to stand that long.

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