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Whats on my design wall this week

I have been diligently working on two projects that have a specific deadline; one I described earlier is a piece for the SAQA silver anniversary show. Unfortunately I cannot show completed work except to tell you that it took about 200 hours to complete not counting the ten plus hours that went into the documentation. Now I am working on a piece for twenty important words–my word is belief. I’ve just about finished it and am ready to start in on some new things.

Notebooks are something I turn to when I’m in between things and here you can see the beginnings of four notebook covers. The three blue pieces were mod-podged onto Marble notebooks, the orange corduroy with blue/purple figures is still waiting stitching and sewing into a cover. To the far right is the beginning of the belief piece.  And not to fear, I’ve got another pile of potential covers and a large stack of Marble notebooks and a nearly full bottle of modpodge.

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