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Jonquils and snow drops are blooming

Amidst all the ice and snow and cold blowing weather and digging out of sweaters and hats and gloves, the jonquils and snowdrops in my back yard have put on a happy face.

they are late this year, usually in early January and there have been times when their little faces have been coated in ice; and when the ice melted the blooms were as happy as ever–not crispy wilted brown like the pineapple crown in my front flower bed.

My mother would always be quite envious as I would call her on Sunday afternoons with this news; the only blooms she could see were in those seed catalogs which always appeared during the darkest days of the winters offering hope for a bright spring—we always seem to forget the mosquitos and the no-see-ums and the houseflies that would drive us to distraction.

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