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Celtic Solstice Mystery courtesy of Bonnie Hunter

I laid out several pieces just to see how they would look. I don’t think I have ever intentionally set out to do a scrap quilt using only my fabrics although I have exchanged blocks with others for an ultimately scrappy look.

My BFF suggested I might like to do this mystery while I was out with my back surgery. I didn’t have the Tri-Recs rulers for the first part which forms the spikes of the star and so had to wait for them to arrive. I’ve completed all the pieces but my time has been consumed with the SAQA piece. And now that it has been completed, maybe I’ll get back to this project and a few others that have been waiting patiently in their boxes and cardboard trays. On one of my last trips to the grocery store, I found the cardboard bases for canned goods sitting in the aisle. I did ask for them–although the bases for flats of soda are a better size. One year I got about ten strawberry boxes–not the baskets but the shipping base that holds about twenty boxes.  Trays are another favorite as I can set things out on them in order—probably part of my compulsive orderliness inherited from my grandfather the accountant.

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