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I take a lot of photos. I learned a lot about composition in the photography classes I have taken. And I use photos as the basis of some of my pieces. And then there’s the times like yesterday when I had mounted the work on stretcher bars, took one look and decided it was awful. I could turn it into a notebook cover–a final resting place for some of my other experiments or I could see what I could to salvage the piece.

My dear husband patiently pried out all those staples. I took a photo of the entire piece–it’s blurry but good enough for my purposes. I cropped it into two separate pieces that I think will work better than my original. My original resembled Matisse’s Dancing Women–not the painting’s proper title –my art history teacher would not be pleased–but I think it was too busy with the screen printing, the imagery and the thread.

So I’ll look at my cropped images for awhile and see if they work better than the entire piece. It was 19 inches by 14 inches–the largest piece in the group.


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  1. I really do like the blue-clad figure with the wheel.

    December 12, 2013

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